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There is no such thing as "my version"

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/4/2000; 11:42:52 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 9/2/2000
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Dave is making the exact same argument as to why his version of the spec should keep the 'RSS' moniker. He also intends to provide a strikingly different solution to the same requirement, that of increased modularity and/or scope.

Hello. Earth to Ken. There is no such thing as "his version" of RSS. There is RSS 0.90 and RSS 0.91, and a "proposed" RSS 1.0 that sometimes isn't so proposed. Where else is there an RSS? Chuck wrote up a list of improvements to RSS 0.91 yesterday. That's about it as far as I can see. I can't imagine you have a problem with that, if so get over it.

Believe me Ken, the last thing I want now is to be in the hotseat at the center of some RSS proposal. Not my idea of a great party. I would also prefer not to be expunged from the record. I'd like to see RSS have a chance to go forward after the current experiment is either successful or dies or lands up somewhere other than where RSS is.

We've all been parts of things that didn't work. The experiment they're trying on the rss-dev list doesn't need to take RSS with it. My opinion is that there is no such thing as "RSS 1.0" and that people can and should talk about the evolution of RSS as if it doesn't exist, which in my opinion, it doesn't.

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