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Re: Power to the (Mac) People

Author:William Crim
Posted:9/5/2000; 11:00:06 PM
Topic:Power to the (Mac) People
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But bear in mind that they did add that "graphite" feature which renders the GUI in monochrome, based on feedback from graphic designers, so some kind of conversation is taking place.

I had something similar happen when I was designing the interface to an Access database. People all said they wanted better colors, so I had them all vote on them. 3 weeks after I put the change to the spiffy new colors, I started getting mails from people asking for the plain old gray and blue back.

Something that looks nice when you design it, rarely looks as nice when you use it day in and day out for months.

My own personal policy on graphics and color schemes is...

Design with only B&W, grays, and earth tones. When you release the product, ignore the first 3 weeks of "could you please change the colors" emails. If after 3 weeks, people actually are still yelling about color, only THEN should you consider changing it. :-)

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