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Re: One Big Computer

Author:Joshua Allen
Posted:9/6/2000; 12:01:17 AM
Topic:One Big Computer
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And I am sure someone said it before Sun. I didn't think the intent was to give Microsoft credit for coming up with the idea. The way I see it, all ideas originate at either MIT or Xerox Parc. In fact, many of the people who first publish such ideas end up working for Microsoft, IBM, or Sun. Eventually the ideas become real. The PC revolution provided a launching pad for the Internet revolution, and the Internet revolution is the launch-pad for the .NET revolution. Speaking unofficially, I see the Dot-Net initiative as Microsoft's announcement of intent to finally make this thing happen. If we all (as an industry) pull this off, there is going to be more than enough credit/bounty to go around.

(AOL probably "gets it" more than anyone else right now, BTW.)

Also guessing at intent, but I suppose the reference to "freaking out" was more to do with Microsoft saying it. I mean, Sun gets 90% of their revenues selling big iron hardware to corporations, so they don't have as 'visible' a presence. It's not so popular to call Sun "borg" on slashdot right now.

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