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Re: Power to the (Mac) People

Author:Andrew Duncan
Posted:9/5/2000; 9:02:23 PM
Topic:Power to the (Mac) People
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It's probably worth pointing out that Lambourghini didn't ask their customers before they hired Pininfarina to design the Diablo.

As William Crim points out in his response, Art is often done by fiat (no pun intended), and we are free to enjoy or dismiss it as we see fit.

And of course Lambourghini has a smaller share of their market than Apple has of its own, but nobody says "Oh, Lambourghini are a failure, they don't have more than 80% market share."

OTOH, although the G4 Cube may be Art, I don't know if the same can be said of MacOS X. If there is a conversation to be had, it's probably about the OS rather than the hardware. But bear in mind that they did add that "graphite" feature which renders the GUI in monochrome, based on feedback from graphic designers, so some kind of conversation is taking place.

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