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Re: Who needs to televise the revolution?

Author:David Golding
Posted:9/9/2000; 7:59:52 AM
Topic:Who needs to televise the revolution?
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I only discovered IndyMedia the other day, so I can't give a definite answer to your questions. I don't believe that they have been denied access to the gathering. Actually, I think they are just a forum for people to talk. As they say, "everyone is a witness. Everyone is a journalist."

I thought this sort of enablement would be of interest here, the PHP thing was just a joke. ";->"

The managing director of WEF has been making an ass of himself in the news over here, but Michael Roux, the Australian Davos Connection chairman has been saying some cluey things. It looks like the police and protest organisers have been having some meaningful conversation, so Monday should be fruitful and not degenerative.

There will be some humble coverage from me on my website

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