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Frontier tapping directly BSD on Mac OS X

Author:Emmanuel M. Décarie
Posted:9/16/2000; 10:52:06 AM
Topic:Frontier tapping directly BSD on Mac OS X
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Perl and Python on a unix box have commands to use directly the shell. For example, in Python, you will have back the result of this command for listing a directory;
os.system ('ls -al /var/log/').

I wonder if Frontier could tap directly this incredible power bypassing the Mac OS layer.

I wonder if this could be done at a very low level.

I don't know how the AppleEvents will work on Mac OS X, but we all know that their use is often costly in time. My idea is that if Frontier could tap directly the BSD layer, it could have at it disposal an incredible power.

Anyway, Am I dreaming of is it worth exploring?

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