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Re: Asking Tim

Author:Russell Lipton
Posted:9/19/2000; 8:59:33 PM
Topic:Asking Tim
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Napster is beta, but let's skip your inclusion of them.

Where is O'Reilly on your list?

Simple bidirectional chat is not P-to-P in any meaningful use of the concept, not to mention that most chat architectures rely heavily on central servers.

Where Radio Userland is unique, at least at this time, and playing a leading role is in the integration of a complete application model into P-to-P.

Hardly "old".

And what was the answer to the question about O'Reilly and P-to-P leadership? Also, could you tell us what Microsoft has shipped with respect to P-to-P? I wasn't aware of anything. I'm guessing their .NET white paper doesn't count?

Beta will do just fine.

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