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Re: Asking Tim

Author:Joshua Allen
Posted:9/19/2000; 9:31:57 PM
Topic:Asking Tim
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I agree that radio userland is a very leading-edge implementation of p2p. Not necessarily leading edge, but MUDs were P2P. Maybe the Microsoft reference has to do with the way that WFW's "peer to peer networking" freaked out all of the IBM hierarchical people who predicted "it'll never scale" and predicted the end of the world. Netmeeting and MSN Messenger display some characteristics of P2P. MSN Communities allow P2P interactions as well. Really it all depends on how you define P2P -- if P2P is people, then using central servers isn't a mark against it. If P2P is "peer machines", then even fileshares are P2P. How do you define P2P?

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