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Author:Will Cate
Posted:9/23/2000; 12:26:07 PM
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I'm beginning to think that P2P is exhausted. I know it makes me feel exhausted, it seems like a chance for us to drift again, away from the serious work we've been delaying in building the decentralized Internet at a content level.

I think it's just merely at a plateau right now. The impact of revolutions sometimes take time to absorb. The ripple effects of the file-sharing revolution are still reverberating.

One big problem is the slow pace of broadband rollout . The demand way exceeds the supply where it is available, and most places here in "the heartland" it is still not available at all. (side-rant: my cable internet service is now so unreliable it's almost not worth using.) The platform has to advance, significantly, before we'll another "woooosh" to the next level, so that the applications can also advance.

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