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Re: MSNBC Live Vote and Accuracy of so-called "Survey"

Author:Kabir X
Posted:9/23/2000; 7:12:36 PM
Topic:MSNBC Live Vote and Accuracy of so-called "Survey"
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I assume that MSNBC must be paying quite a bit of money for their editors, but how could they allow this survey to go live? It doesn't make any sense at all!

Actually it makes perfect sense.

That is exactly what they are paid to do. (And not just at MSNBC ...) These organs are more about shaping the collective perception and dialogue, than reporting of news. And a primary goal is the blunting of the American mind.

This agenda primarily aims to establish a false dichotomy (Rats vs Pigs) to deflect attention from the real issues and conflicts in society. This has been the case for the past 21 years that I have been here and observing the media in this country.

Think of it: Here is the most the powerful nation on earth, about to elect their leader for the next 4 years. What does the media focus on?


The Kiss !!!


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