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MSNBC Live Vote and Accuracy of so-called "Survey"

Posted:9/23/2000; 5:41:56 PM
Topic:MSNBC Live Vote and Accuracy of so-called "Survey"
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MSNBC is running a survey about Clinton's decision to release some of the oil reserve. Their question is:

Was Clinton correct to release some of the nation's strategic oil reserves?

Fine with me. Let's look at your choices of answer:

Now, there's a big problem to me. I want to vote yes. I don't care whether he's doing so to help Gore or not. If there's a small chance that the oil price increase will affect some poor people's life during the winter (even if the government is exaggerating the problem), I feel that we should take the risk and release some oil reserve. No one knows whether it will help or not, but if we don't try, nothing will be changed.

Anyway, back to the survey. I can simply click on Yes, but I am not 100% against their answer of No. Releasing the oil reserve is definitely not a long-term solution. Put it this way, If my choices are just Yes and No. I will say Yes. But, if saying yes means the opposite of No, then I am not so sure I am in the position of saying Yes to this question. Because, the opposite of this No would mean, "Doing so (releasing some oil reserve) will contribute to a long-term solution."

I assume that MSNBC must be paying quite a bit of money for their editors, but how could they allow this survey to go live? It doesn't make any sense at all!

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