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Author:Paul Snively
Posted:9/25/2000; 1:37:11 PM
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Dave Winer (quoting the site): OpenCulture.Org is "a new way to make books and music freely available online, while making sure that artists get fairly compensated. Using the Internet to let sponsors pool their resources, we purchase the right to enjoy and redistribute works of art on behalf of the public."

I went to the site and looked around, fully expecting them to explain how they'd simply implemented John Kelsey and Bruce Schneier's Street Performer Protocol, but there's no such thing. In their "how it works" section, in particular, there's no consideration given to what happens if the performer fails to perform, and apparently, only if the performer judges that the amount donated is insufficient, will the donations go back to... the accounts of the users! There's apparently not even a way to get your donated money back!

This is ridiculous! It's yet another example of someone oversimplifying a complex problem and rushing to market with the oversimplified solution so as to accomplish the lock-in that they crave. They probably propose (yes, this is speculation, for the literarily blinkered) some sort of legal remedy as their users' recourse in the event of non-performance (either on the performers' parts or the company's part; it matters not which) vs. doing the right thing, which would be to make such remedies wholly unnecessary.

I am so sick and tired of finding half-assed "New Economy" intermediary plays to consign to the scrap heap.

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