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Re: DG Needs Critical Mass (was: Speaking Up About The DG)

Author:Joshua Allen
Posted:9/29/2000; 3:27:00 PM
Topic:Speaking Up About The DG
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Whohoo! A chance to get on a soapbox again!! I personally was very saddened by the spamification of USENET. USENET and IRC used to provide such wonderful standard forums for asynch. and synchronous (respectively) dialogue. There are now so many different ways of collaborating and communicating, and no prayer of finding a standard way to get into all of them. So I fire up my browser, go to for one community, use Outlook Express and NNTP for another (likely spam-filled), use Outlook and a mail DL for another, use a totally different Web interface for another. And all of these I have accounts and passwords and ... you get the point. This is unacceptable!! I want just one or three standard ways to access discussions, that allow site operators the flexibility they need, but most importantly, make this babel easier for users!

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