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Re: So What is a Guy To Do?

Author:Chris Ashley
Posted:9/29/2000; 3:30:55 PM
Topic:So What is a Guy To Do?
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Dave wrote:
"If you show us how to do it, at a feature level, we're much more likely to be able to do it. ...if you can help us, by focusing us on features we can implement, then we'll all do better, I think."

I reply:
OK, we can help with that. It might take us about two weeks to gather 3-5 teachers and do some user testing on certain parts of Manila's interface. We'd go about an hour, ask them to perform some tasks and record their reactions. We'd need a few $ to buy some refreshments and pay each teacher a small amount for their time. We can provide the place.

We could also gather a small group of experienced adult Manila users and record their feedback. We could also pretty easily put together a group of five high school students who we could do the same with. All we'd need are some modest funds. We could also work together to plan the testing to make sure that the right questions are getting asked.

For some immediate feedback look at$10.

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