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scriptingNews outline for 11/25/2000

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:11/25/2000; 6:11:33 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 11/25/2000
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OPML gets its own domain.

Paranoid thought for the day. The election crisis is a cover as in Wag the Dog. I got this idea as I watched the Reps cart out the Congressional Medal of Honor winners. "They're trying to get the support of the military," my paranoid mind concluded. What are they getting ready for? What if the US Supreme Court soils itself? How long before there are tanks in the streets?

Fawny.Org: ISSN for Weblogs. "You can apply for and use an International Standard Serial Number for your Weblog. Your blog will then officially exist in the worldwide standardized encyclopedia of periodicals."

What is Babylon? Looks deep.

My article on OPML in XML Magazine is running now. Starting to get email. Unfortunately the example is in error, it's not valid XML. Oy. Murphy works in strange ways!

Here's a correct rendering of the example, now I see why we got in trouble, on layout they must have needed to adjust the width, and misunderstood that the minuses are not part of the XML. We'll do better next time..

Stan Krute is working on a Radio UserLand tool that moves OPML data in and out of Palm Pilot PDB files.

Fascinating article by Bricklin about a new Sony product that hooks into a system that knows what your local radio stations are playing. "BDS gets their information by having computers around the country that listen to a number of radio stations. Using a proprietary algorithm, they create signatures for songs as they are played, and compare them to songs in their database."

Wired: "Needless to say, the people who work at the Amazon distribution center are cut from a different cloth than the scripting gurus in other Internet towns." Yo!

Directories march on 

I did a directory for the Samples website. Took about 15 minutes. It's not hard. More tweaks coming for sure.

Then I included the Samples outline in the Radio UserLand directory. To the reader it appears as if it's part of the same directory, even though it's stored on a different server in another part of the country. When you browse the site, you may have trouble figuring out that they're on different servers. That's what "seamless" means.

The new rules for cross-website inclusion are explained. We only refresh the OPML of the included outline once per hour, to keep the site fast.

If you're building directories, note that as of October, Manila serves OPML for any message, whether or not it was edited in an outliner. Brent posted an announcement on 10/6. This is an important capability for the cross-website inclusion feature.

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