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scriptingNews outline for 11/27/2000

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:11/27/2000; 6:54:44 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 11/27/2000
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New hosting service: ManilaSites.Com. It's Manila, with a prettier face, and a better default theme. Otherwise it's the same as EditThisPage.Com and Weblogs.Com.

Radio UserLand's Edit-This-Page function now works even if you're behind a firewall.

I put a little bit of time into the directory for the Radio site this afternoon. I reviewed and categorized all the stories in the Stories List, most of them were included, and many of them are out of date.

Pay no attention to the picture to the right. It contains several hidden subliminal messages. You are being programmed.

When we're finished with the corner-turn, Radio will be an easy to use writing tool that works on or off the Internet, with a strong bias to being on the Internet, and has an integrated Web server. (And is highly customizable.) Then I think Radio will be where Manila was approx one year ago. Ready for feature-refinement, a simple-enough base for growth, and thankfully few of the scaling issues that come with operating thousands of free sites. There's a very pragmatic reason for P2P my friends. It's nice to use the CPUs on the users' machines to render content (we'll get to that in March 2001). This goes to the question that Doc asked this morning. Doc man, you should interview Clay, and ask him about the dark matter at the edges of the universe (oops I meant Internet). First we give the power to the people (the PC revolution) then we centralize it (the Internet) then we give the power to the people (P2P) but this time we give them networking too. A conceptual hula hoop. Round and round and round. It's an alien plot!

Then I realized I had another definition for P2P. Power 2 People. Hola.

A new sample script for Radio that converts a set of Manila story nodes into links suitable for including in a directory.

More mail.

Seen in an email sig: "Rehab is for quitters."

Did you know that Manila and Manilow are similar words?

White Mesa: A SOAP for RPC NT Service.

A reminder that there is a SOAP for Perl.

Wired: Am I Hot Or Not is Red Hot. "Launched just six weeks ago as a joke, the site is attracting upwards of 3 million page views a day. It recorded 7 million page views on the weekends. It hasn't spent a penny on advertising."

Doc wants to know why Operating Systems Suck. "Why is there no Moore's Law for software?" I've written some of my thoughts on this subject.

Seth Bokelman on Moore's Law for Software: "The hardest thing I have to do is convince a user that they need to upgrade to the newest version of a product, or to convince them that they don't need to."

Adam Curry: De Twee Weg Web.

Martin Simoneu is running MORE in Mac OS X.

KidsClick is a web search engine for kids by librarians.

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