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scriptingNews outline for 11/28/2000

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:11/28/2000; 6:30:47 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 11/28/2000
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New site: Python.Scripting.Com. "On this site we will publish Python scripts that show how to use Python with XML-RPC and SOAP."

New directories: XML-RPC, SOAP.

Updated: Radio as a Manila writing tool.

Brent has thoughts on authoring directories.

Andreas Pfeiffer: Desktop client/server publishing. "This is one of these golden windows of opportunity for smaller developers to come out with a killer application that jump-starts the market, simply by packing the right features and arriving at the right time."

Survey: Should Gore concede?

Server note: At 10PM Pacific tonight, EditThisPage.Com and the Surveys site, will be down for maintenence, for about two hours.

AP: "It's just one of those wonderful things where everything just went right,'' said Capt. Mark Mooney, a spokesman for the San Jose Fire Department.

Interesting ad on Salon.Com.

NY Times: Microsoft asks appeals court to void ruling. "The company acknowledged that it was an aggressive player but said it did nothing to exclude Netscape."

I dig Black Hole Brain.

Moore's Law and Software, part II 

Another thought for Doc, inspired by the Lieberman snippet below. Not only have CPUs gotten faster and memory larger, but systems have gotten more reliable.

At least parts of systems have gotten more reliable. I still have a fancy Dell laptop with a keyboard that doesn't work. But the hard disks don't crash as often. Knock wood, pray to Murphy.

Oh Lieberman, part III 

Lots of (delayed) comments on my comment about Lieberman from Sunday.

Yes I do hold Jews to a higher standard. Yes I liked Lieberman when he called Clinton on his lying about Lewinsky, because I thought maybe there were some responsible adults in Washington who didn't treat the electorate like stupid children. Now I think it was probably an opportunistic move, he's an astute politician, it got him the VP nomination. Good job Joe.

Here's the scoop -- the election was a tie. It's impossible to know who got more votes. When you hear the Dems say they want to count every vote, know that they're spinning (lying). Can't do it. They're not stupid, and neither are we. Come on, this is Scripting News, we know about technology. When the disk crashes you don't worry about every last byte. You're lucky if you get the stuff that was never backed up.

Now if Lieberman was a mensch he'd have begun his speech with the truth. "Dis election vas a tie. Now vat do ve do about it?" But he's not a mensch. He's just a politician. Oy. Life goes on.

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