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scriptingNews outline for 12/1/2000

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:12/1/2000; 5:42:25 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 12/1/2000
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TechMetrix has an excellent tutorial on SOAP.

Ross Karchner posted a Python script that resets defaults on Manila sites, illustrating the use of the exec verb.

I don't get something. Canada had national elections this week, and the recount is over? They've already got a new Prime Minister? What are they doing up there? What happened to all the complaining and lying and nasty tricks? What about the third recount? I thought they were just like us. I don't get it. ";->"

Seen on FoRK, the Floridian Rhapsody (sung to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody).

Jeffrey Baker sent a screen shot of Scripting News in Links 0.94, a character-based browser. I was surprised it looks pretty good!

Python is no longer driving me crazy. Thanks to Fredrik, Der Schockwellenreiter, Scott, Brent and Jonas for great advice that got me on the path to enlightenment. My Python script now works. Happy!

This morning I needed to create a Radio UserLand tool, so I located the documentation through the directory (it was there) and followed the instructions. I saw some mistakes and stuff that was out of date, so I checked out the document, took a new screen shot, did the things we said we'd do when things were finalized (a long time ago) and saved the changes. If it hadn't been in the directory I would have added it. To the UserLand team, this is the way we're going to get the Radio docs and software in shape -- by using it as a user would, grooming, smoothing the path, and revisiting pages and keeping them current.

Financial Times: "The willingness of each man to drag the country through whatever it takes to get him to the White House sadly fits the mould of Clintonian self-absorption of the last decade from which this election was supposed to provide a respite."

A common response to yesterday's piece, VCs don't have time for technology. Hmmm. I have so many things to say about that. Maybe it's time for a new way of thinking? When you eat at a restaurant and get a nice meal with decent service, do you leave a tip? Why? With all the freebies for users in the last few years, why not a nice tip for technology? Look at how rich technology made you, while you did very little in return to balance its generosity. Technology comes in the form of people who believe in themselves. Help them make a difference. It's not charity, it's funding new ventures and betting on people. It was a good plan. Don't just hype it, live it.

This has been an interesting period. I've been meeting the most intelligent bright-eyed kids, or so they seem to me. I've become something of a coach for them. Telling them what I've learned about technology, hyping and money. One group has no interest in getting VC. Their business is booming. All the VCs want in. They keep saying no. Another group is deep in angst because the VCs are blowing them off. I try to figure out what I can do to help both, because I believe in both. That's the subtext of yesterday's piece. I'm doing what I can. As technologists these people are as bright as I was (with all possible humility) when I first came to the valley in the late 70s. I had trouble finding my support system, at first, but eventually I did find it in older people who had been through the loop, as I have now. I like helping bright young people who trust themselves. We'll figure it out.

BTW, it's December 1. Where did the year go??

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