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scriptingNews outline for 12/2/2000

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:12/2/2000; 6:11:59 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 12/2/2000
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Clay Shirky: Umbrellas and Taxis. "Every NYer knows that when it begins to rain, it becomes easier to buy an umbrella and harder to hail a cab. As soon as the first few drops fall, people appear on the street selling cheap umbrellas, while a lucky few pedestrians jump in the few available cabs."

Nate Zelnick: "It makes far more sense to have a system in which sites—or resources of any kind—can report their own existence, along with changes that have been made since they were created."

Starter Fluid is an early-stage VC firm specializing in micro-investments. I'm going to find out more. To do bootstrapping we need VC firms who are ready to make smallish bets on technology.

IBM Japan shipped a beta of a new SOAP implementation for Apache.

Come Pinky, we have work to do.

Not to be outdone, Bush met today with congressional leaders Hastert and Lott, who's wearing a cowboy hat, imitating the style pioneered by Dubya himself. Lott's hat appears to have a feather. Interesting. I wonder what it means?

SJ Merc: Dot-com layoff parties.

Today is a Total Writing Day. My job is to write the top-level of Radio, to explain what it is and how it works.

1. Why is it called Radio?

2. It communicates.

3. It's an outliner.

4. How to use the outliner.

They'll also be in the directory for Radio, so when they scroll off the bottom of this page, people will still be able to find the articles. (To Kishore, who wants Timeless Weblogs, this is how they work. Surely we can automate some or all of the work, but first, before doing that, I have to do it by hand, to understand the problem, and see where the opportunities to automate really help rather than hinder the process.)

BTW, if you're a Radio user and want to get your point of view on the record, please post a story on the Radio site. I can use help, many perspectives are useful in pulling this together.

Bryan Bell did a tutorial for navigation structures in Manila without XML. For some designers XML is too over-the-top.

Jake Savin did a summary of the SOAP interface for Manila. If you've been waiting for a real SOAP-aware Web app, the wait is over.

Zeldman has a Glamorous Life. BTW, he'll be in New Orleans too next week, I hope to get some pics.

Business 2.0: Five Questions with Esther Dyson.

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