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scriptingNews outline for 12/3/2000

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:12/3/2000; 5:45:53 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 12/3/2000
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Good evening and welcome to Total Writing Day #2.

By far, I've spent the most time on the Radio home page. Less is more. It takes time to distall all the ideas embodied in twelve-plus years of work to a single screen.

1. How to chat with Radio users.

2. How to send email to Radio users.

3. What are Tools?

4. It supports standards. One of my favorite pages ever. I'm very proud of the standards support in Radio, and the role UserLand played in creating the standards, and the way they build on earlier standards. It's worth pausing and taking note, a lot of things are working!

5. The Live Outline Tool.

I added an important disclaimer at the top level of the Radio directory. "Expect linkrot and you won't be disappointed."

Another Nielsen rule I'm violating is about page length. I believe in vertical scrollbars. I think docs that fit above the scroll line are unmanageable for both readers and writers. Fewer pages is better. Docs pages are different from catalog pages.

John Dilbeck: "I've been using outliners since ThinkTank and More, and this outliner is the finest of the breed."

Salon: "Jackson traveled more on behalf of Al Gore and Joe Lieberman than anyone other than Gore, including Lieberman. He did more events, logged more miles and put in more nights on the road. At preelection appearances in Florida, he highlighted Jeb Bush's attacks on affirmative action and talked of the need to vote. His efforts led to a rousing turnout among the state's black voters -- who voted in higher percentages than the rest of Florida and went from 10 percent of the turnout in 1996 to 15 percent in 2000. He is no moth hovering at the media flame; he is in this case very much the heat. No Jackson, no cliffhanger in Florida. End of story."

Somehow we missed the birthday of Dan Gillmor's eJournal. According to my records it was unveiled on October 25, 1999. Happy belated birthday to Dan's Blog. Did you know that it's a Manila site? I wrote a DaveNet about it. Was that only a year ago? So much has happened since. We owe a lot to Dan for having the courage to go first. Thanks Dan!

And of course tomorrow is the birthday of EditThisPage.Com. How should we celebrate?

Stan Krute posted a birthday card. Excellent. It's a community celebration of course.

Alwin Hawkins sent an Apple birthday card.

Today's word: Lugubrious. This is what we're undoing. ";->"

The other word of the day: Lucid. What we aspire to.

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