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scriptingNews outline for 12/9/2000

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:12/9/2000; 9:29:27 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 12/9/2000
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Salon: "Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri and North Carolina were carried by George W. Bush but have Democratic governors and Democrat-controlled legislatures. Should Bush choose to take the 25 Florida electoral votes through a legislative vote, Democrats in those states would face no legal or political impediment to appointing Gore electors."

NY Times: US Supreme Court Halts Florida Recount. "The bitter division on the court, awkwardly papered over only last Monday with an order to the Florida Supreme Court to clarify an earlier ruling, burst into the open with the action this afternoon."

Heard on CNN: "The law of diminishing chads." (Run the ballots through the counters six or seven times, and the votes stabilize. The chads all fall off. Interesting!)

Coming soon, a new Bryan Bell theme. Designed to match the colors of the Mets!

Barry Manilow pics on NetDyslexia.

Today's song: They all aks'd for you. By the Meters. Can't find no lyrics. Whe y'at?

It starts like dis.. I went on dow to the Audubon Zoo and they all aks'd for you, the monkeys aks'd, the tigers aks'd and the elephants aks'd me too.

An old New Orleans lullabye. One of the best songs ever. Eh labas. Red beans and rice. Creole gumbo. Hint: It's on Napster. Go get it. You dance chat. Grits and fish drippins.

You know what? They ain't enough humor in our world!

The second EDevCon demo went very well. Brent and I onstage, doing a site for Al Gore, lively interested audience, lots of discussion.

The third and final session on personalization and content management went great too. Lots of good back and forth. A list of the panelists is on the Manila site, created in real time with the audience watching -- a good demo of browser-based content management.

News from XML-RPC-Land -- I found out last night that O'Reilly is doing a book on XML-RPC. This is good, I hope.

Not good: an engineer at Red Hat is wanting to redefine XML-RPC. I'll write more about this later, if necessary, for now, my slide from yesterday on XML-RPC should help anyone who's concerned understand that XML-RPC is what it is. If you want to evolve a new spec off the base XML-RPC spec, the copyright notice allows you to do that, but you may not call your spec XML-RPC. In other words non-dilutive forking is fine.

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