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scriptingNews outline for 12/26/2000

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:12/26/2000; 4:09:36 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 12/26/2000
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NY Times: Jason Robards dies.

My nomination for best DaveNet of Y2K.

Brockman says I have to give his question a serious answer. I'm going to open a page and start ranting about what's fucked up in software and see if I come across a question that no one is asking. He's right, the group of people this is going to deserve better than double-knits, and he says many of them won't know much about the Mets, and any wiseass could ask a question like that. (I don't think he knows how I feel about the Mets.) He wants something brilliant. Brockman is more than an editor, he's an agent, and he does it very gently with much flattery. I guess he's been dealing with fragile writer egos for a long time.

News.Com: Napster updates software. "The software upgrade, dubbed 2.0 beta 8, offers a handful of new features, including a Boolean minus sign, which people can use to exclude certain items from their searches."

PocketSOAP is a "SOAP client COM component for the Windows family, originally targeted at PocketPC (hence the name)."

Syndicate.It includes OPML in its list of syndication standards. Nice directory. Interesting.

CNN: "To understand Cosmos, Druyan says, you have to remember that it was made during the days of the nuclear arms race, when many scientists were involved in building weapons of mass destruction. 'To him, science was a sacred enterprise and to see it misused, it was a nightmare to him.'"

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I'm working on a script that generates both HTML and XML. I wrote the XML code, then started writing the HTML code and paused.

My XML-generating code is so simple and precise, it practically writes itself. HTML is another story. Whenever I dive into HTML I know I'm going to spend a lot of time and get inadequate results and probably get yelled at by someone for breaking some rule or breaking Netscape.

This has given me a nasty feeling for HTML, I don't like to inqure of it, I never get fun ideas that relate to HTML. It's a horrible box to program in. Maybe this is why so many Web developers are so grouchy.

I have a bad attitude about HTML. Could it be otherwise? I doubt it. It doesn't treat me with respect (I know about lineto-moveto-drawstring) so the unconscious response is to dis it back.

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Just for fun, here's the folder of HTML files, and here's the folder of XML files. Still working on the script.

This is my favorite new channel so far. Lots of interesting articles about shifts in the dotcom world.

So much to say about this stuff. I hope you're all getting ready to do some listening. ";->"

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NY literary agent and host of Edge.Org asks "What questions have disappeared and why?"

My nomination: "What did the Mets do?"

Comment: "The Mets didn't do anything. This reveals the emptyness of our existence but also evokes our hope for the future. Why is no one asking the question? Simply because it's not baseball season."

I had another question, originally asked by Frank Zappa. "Is it true what they say about the new double-knits?"

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Today's song: On the Road Again. "The life I love is making music with my friends, I can't wait to get on the road again."

Not that I'm going on the road (again), but I wish I was!

"It's even worse than it appears." ";->"

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