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scriptingNews outline for 12/27/2000

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:12/27/2000; 12:13:50 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 12/27/2000
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Heads-up, I'm working on new features for RSS that build on 0.91. Calling it 0.92. I am not doing this as part of a working group, or in collaboration with anyone else. I'm doing an app that requires more functionality than 0.91 provides. I think the enhancements will be useful for other developers. There's already been enough discussion, and a lot of wasted time. I just want to make software. We did RSS for a reason, and the reason didn't disappear. We need the functionality.

What is Kenamea?

Radio: "When accessing a server on the local machine, MSIE/Mac doesn't yield enough processor time to allow the server to do its processing. The net result is a glacial pace, when it should be lightning fast. The addition of a single system call to the loop that's waiting for a response from the server would probably cure the problem."

According to Tom Donavan, Peek-a-Boo's "special technology" fixes the problems with MSIE and a local Web server.

VorteXML "converts existing, recurring structured text data into valid XML using any DTD on an ad hoc or automated, programming-free basis!"

I'm glad that Jorn Barger, who's not Jewish (apparently) asked these questions. It's reasonable to want to know if there's a difference between being Jewish and being from Israel. There is, the obvious one. You can be a Jew and not be from Israel. You can be from Israel and not be a Jew. He also asks if the Jewish people are special. We are special in that we're still recovering from the Holocaust. In the US there are few sub-cultures that have survived extermination so recently and on such a large scale. Holocaust survivors are still with us, and the problems that come from uprooting a whole culture, with memories of concentration camps and gas chambers, from Europe to the Americas and to a lesser extent Israel, will be with us for a few more generations. Palestinians clearly didn't like the idea of an invasion and occupation of their homeland. That's totally understandable. In the US the welcome was a little warmer, but anti-Semitism was very present in postwar NY where I grew up. But we behaved more politely in our new country than the Israelis did, we didn't try to take it over so visibly. But you can't miss that our common culture values power, and doesn't think much of people outside the culture. Baptists and Muslims, even Buddhists have the same problem. Just don't try to kill us and everything will be fine.

Laird Popkin, one of the designers of ICE, agrees that it's time for the search engines to coordinate with content management software.

Another candidate for best DaveNet of Y2K.

A great rambling essay by Evan Williams about pricing for Web apps, and silly investors who think that just because Slate failed to get paying subscribers that Web apps must always be free. It'll be up to the users. The "business models" of the dot-com euphoria are kaput. The eyeballs aren't worth as much as everyone thought. If you want great service on the Internet, get out the credit cards. It's coming for sure.

Another fantastic rant from XML Bastard.

C/C++ User's Journal on SOAP.

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