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scriptingNews outline for 12/29/2000

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:12/29/2000; 5:44:45 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 12/29/2000
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Syd Egan: SOAP for Visual Basic.

Andy King: Hiermenus Go Forth, VII.

Robert Scoble: Blog your way to a better NetMeeting.

Robert runs the Train Simulator site on MSN Communities.

Lest I forget to give credit, the seed of the idea for Desktop Websites came from the Cobalt Qube. They showed that the browser is a great way to configure a local server. The difference is that the computers we program have screens and keyboards, so we can view and edit the database on the same machine. (Or a different machine, it's HTTP after all.)

New Manila macro: viewRssBox, available on on all UserLand-hosted Manila sites, and on all Frontier installations that update. I used the viewRssBox macro to put a news box on the XML-RPC home page.

WebReference has updated RSSViewerApplet. "First and foremost there is better compatibility with the RSS 0.91 version upgrade from 0.9."

Upside: The year for open source.

Sometimes a picture makes the difference. When I started the MUOTD project I also made a resolution to organize my document work using Radio's Bookmarks menu. Now before I close a window I think "Will I want to edit this again?" or "Is this part of some project?" If the answer to either question is yes, I bookmark it, and then drag-drop it into the category it belongs in, or create a category for it. It's made a major difference in my writing work.

Here's a picture for Mary Jo Foley, who says there's been spotty delivery on Web Services. This is the same problem we had in the Mac market in the mid-90s. The reporters loved to write the story that there was no new software for the Mac. I'd ask them to cover our new software for the Mac, but got blank stares. Sometimes when an idea takes hold there's no way to get through the fog. Some developers, for example UserLand, were doing Web Services before Microsoft proclaimed it the Next Big Thing. We need a correction, like the one we had in the stock market, among people who cover our industry. Who cares if Microsoft delivers? Why should we?

Another picture for Web Service skeptics. It's the router table for one of our servers, showing the classes of Web Services that it implements. We couldn't operate our servers otherwise. It's so weird to read that something might not happen that already has happened.

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