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scriptingNews outline for 1/1/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:1/1/2001; 2:55:23 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 1/1/2001
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Good morning and Happy New Year!

Duncan Smeed has pointers to computers you can program through front-panel switches.

Tease: mySubscriptions.opml contains the RSS channels I'm tuned into.

BTW, you can open that outline in Radio, choose Open Url from the File menu. When you expand an RSS channel, it gets it over the Internet and fills in the stories. 2Click on the story to read it in your browser.

I keep seeing that headline from Salon everywhere I go. I like the idea. Makes me want to go to Amsterdam.

Speaking of 2W2, I started a thread on the Decentralization list about possible acronyms for The Two-Way-Web. Seems we should do a survey.

Survey: Choose an acronym for The Two-Way-Web.

Jim Flanagan has an interesting idea. He says it should be 2W4 because the last W in Two-Way-Web is an abbreviation for World Wide Web. He expanded the macro. ";->"

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