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scriptingNews outline for 1/2/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:1/2/2001; 5:51:16 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 1/2/2001
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Paul Andrews, on-strike reporter for the Seattle Times, has started a weblog. "Yes I'm on strike! from the family-owned, independently produced Seattle Times, where I covered Bill Gates, Microsoft and technology for 12 years." Welcome!

A new look for My UserLand On The Desktop.

Kate: "I spent a good part of yesterday afternoon dancing around with a Kleenex box, chanting 'Dead Boogers!', and giggling hysterically."

MacWorld Expo is coming up, so I opened a new channel for Mac news, and created a page on a new site devoted to studying and developing The Two-Way-Web.

I added a news box to the RSS 0.91 page. It now takes me less than five minutes to add a box to a page. I'm finding that there's a pretty good correspondence betw the subjects I'm interested in and the high flow pages on various UserLand servers. Go figure. ";->"

For those who asked, here's what the macro looks like:

{viewRssBox ("", boxTitle:"RSS News", align:"right", width:"75", frameColor:"#000000", titleBarTextColor:"#000000", titleBarColor:"#F5F5F5", boxFillColor:"#FFFFFF", timeZone:"PST", hspace:25, vspace:0)}.

Hey they call it Scripting News for a reason! Get it?

Update to viewRssBox macro, now if you specify a width of infinity, you get a RSS box without the box.

What is Organizine?

Wired: Geoworks settles patent claim. "Openwave Systems, the combination of and, and mobile device service provider Geoworks Corporation announced last week they would enter into a royalty-free patent cross-license and strategic business partnership." Confusing!

Updated: XML Editors page. Somehow this page lost its links. It's getting a lot of reads since it was pointed to from XML.Com. Sorry for the screwup, not sure how it happened. The links are there now.

Reminder to those who put up Christmas trees on their sites. It's the New Year. Time to drag them to the trash. There will be another Holiday Season in eleven months.

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