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scriptingNews outline for 1/11/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:1/11/2001; 12:05:47 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 1/11/2001
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Two-Way-Web: Payloads for RSS. "When I started talking with Adam late last year, he wanted me to think about high quality video on the Internet, and I totally didn't want to hear about it."

Tonight's song on the Grateful Dead audio weblog is Truckin. "Like the doo-dah man once told me gotta play your hand. Sometimes the cards ain't worth a dime, if you don't lay em down."

Salon: Finishing last in the dotcom race. "Actually, there have been better times than now to raise VC money for dot-com start-ups -- during the crusades, for instance, or during those torrid years when dinosaurs walked the earth."

Graham Dumpleton reports: "XML-RPC support has now been added to the OSE C++ class library." Thanks!

News.Com: "[Microsoft] seems unsure about where it wants to go with its Internet Explorer Web browser."

I met with Charles Fitzgerald of Microsoft this afternoon to get briefed on what they're doing with Dot-Net and other stuff. I'm going up north for a design session at the end of the month.

Rolling power outages expected in California betw 4PM and 8PM. "The interruptions normally last approximately one hour per group of customers taken offline."

Dan Gillmor provides a pointer to the California ISO system conditions page, which gives a realtime readout of how close to overload the system is at any given time.

Reports from the SF Chronicle, LA Times.

What is the XBox?

Philly.Com: if yr e-mail looks like this, u must be the boss.

A fantastic rant by Dale Dougherty. The real Dale comes out swinging. It's amazing to me that Jakob Nielsen inspires such passion. User interface guidelines, imho, are a good thing. In 1984 I had a similar pov to Dale's. But then I saw the good in standardized UIs. Not every programmer has ideas about user interface, or sometimes they have really bad ideas. The problem of course is that the Web is such a weak UI environment that even if you follow Jakob's rules (some of which I totally reject, btw) you end up with a weak user interface. Whatever. It's nice to see Dale come out of his shell.

Late night stuff Permanent link to 'Late night stuff' in archives.

Inside.Com on the Future of Music Summit and Senator Hatch, with a touch of John Perry Barlow.

Evhead: "Building stuff is fun!" I totally agree. ";->"

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