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scriptingNews outline for 1/12/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:1/12/2001; 5:21:24 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 1/12/2001
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DaveNet: The W3C, a patent, Jakob Nielsen, and Sun.

xmlhack has been covering the Sun patent controversy.

Fortune: Freebies aren't forever. "A tip jar is for tips."

Dan Gillmor: Bill Hewlett dead at 87.

Survey: Do you run a dynamic Web server on your desktop?

Looking for the next Web phenom? You just found it.

Here's the avatar I created. Feature requests: beards and glasses. I like the aliens! Totally.

Brent: "Well, small person, you're on my turf now."

She's back. And dressed to kill.

Bill Appleton says this is it.

NY Times: Silicon Valley's Achilles' Heal. "In Silicon Valley, where electricity has been the mother's milk of the technology boom, the risk once again of blackouts like the one last June threatens the economy's very lifeblood."

Rafe Colburn: "How do you know you're a geek? Someone sends you a URL to a story in the National Enquirer. Instead of opening it, you look at the file extension, see that it's .cfm, think, 'That's interesting, they use Cold Fusion,' and move on without ever seeing what's on the page."

Sometimes things work just like you wanted them to.

Tonight's song: Me and My Uncle.

One of my favorite sources is Dictionary.Com's Word of the Day channel. Today's word is vet.

It's great to have Wes back, but I gotta say he doesn't know bupkis about content management. Stay tuned.

Remember my shiksa girlfriend? She used to pronounce bupkis as if it were boob kiss. Bupkis is Yiddish for nothing. If I say "I have bupkis" I'm saying that I have nothing. A boob kiss is what it seems like. Totally different from bupkis. ";->"

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