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scriptingNews outline for 1/15/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:1/15/2001; 6:42:50 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 1/15/2001
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Wired: Cache at the End of His Rainbow. "Although it had been six weeks since Savin lost his site, he found everything, all 400 pages, in Google's cache."

Jake was interviewed on CNET Radio, archived in RealAudio or Windows Media Player format. Jake says "They're good for 24 hours. The interview starts a little less than 7 minutes in." I just listened to it. Jake is a smart dude and tells a good story. In case you don't know, he works at UserLand. And we're proud of that fact.

Little-known fact. YYSSW stands for "Yeah yeah sure sure whatever." After hearing Dubya stumble through a one-minute speech about Martin Luther King Jr I realized I'm going to be saying YYSSW a lot for the next four years.

Here's something you could put on your business card. "I would be doing Web software even if the dot-com thing never happened." YYSSW.

Brent: "Hello, is this thing on?"

Two-Way movie previews Permanent link to 'Two-Way movie previews' in archives.

Last night Adam (I think) plopped a preview for a movie called The Bachelor into my enclosures folder. I was surprised to find how captivating it was. Movie previews tell a story with a little sex, greed, intrigue, and something outrageous. 500 women in wedding gowns chasing the protagonist screaming "He's mine!" They give away the plot in two minutes. I think they push some of their most expensive scenes out this way. You wouldn't want to wait for it to download unless you had a T3 line, on my slow DSL it took 580 seconds, but I wasn't here when it downloaded. Big difference. (What an incredible marketing channel.)

Patent madness Permanent link to 'Patent madness' in archives.

Thanks to Wes for the pointer to this announcement of a Borland patent on Just-In-Time compilation.

"The new patent, which is the 93rd patent received by Borland, describes an optimization enhancement contained inside the Borland JIT. This enhancement greatly speeds the execution of Java code by delaying the compilation of a called method until it is actually executed."

If this is the full extent of the Borland patent, it's worthless, we've been doing that in "Frontier" since 1992, way before Java existed. It's not only a speed optimization, but a memory optimization too. You don't need to keep around compiled-code for routines that aren't being executed.

If you're against software patents, you can fight back by not buying products from companies that file patent claims. By advertising their patent abuse they're telling us not to buy their products. Force them back into the closet. Make them scared to use their lawyers as competitive weapons.

"Martin Luther King"

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