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scriptingNews outline for 1/14/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:1/14/2001; 9:11:33 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 1/14/2001
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Jeff Barr: Headline Viewer 0.95.

MacWEEK: "Macworld Expo keynotes are always events to behold, as we wonder how hard Steve Jobs will work his reality distortion field. In truth, he didn't have to. Apple introduced solid products, and no RDF mojo was needed to sell them."

Yes, it's true. Until today I didn't know that Maynard G Krebs is spelled with one B, not two. You rang?

And I have some bad news. *is* taken.

Are they going to flip the White House website on Jan 20?

Hey I got quoted in a Frankfurt newspaper. "Der durchschnittliche IQ der Silicon-Valley-Unternehmer steigt wieder auf sein früheres Stratosphärenniveau." Nice.

Tonight's Song: "If I get home before daylight I just might get some sleep tonight."

Payloads bootstrap Permanent link to 'Payloads bootstrap' in archives.

I just got this screen shot from Adam, indicating that he is now getting The Dead over RSS.

These bootstraps require patience. An event that happens once every 24 hours on someone else's machine can be difficult to debug. But we're now in blade-popping mode on this little project. Adam wants this as much as I do, that's why the project is working. It takes two. And it's even worse than it appears..

Adam plopped a 19 megabyte Quicktime movie into my enclosures folder last night. It took 1218.833 seconds to download at 2:04:13AM. I clicked on it on my Log page. It played. No wait. Yes!

This is what we mean by "The Two-Way-Web." ";->"

Totally Permanent link to 'Totally' in archives.

BTW, "plopped" is the sound that a 19 megabyte file makes. Our memory management needs some refinement now that we're receiving such large things over HTTP.

But this is what I get up in the morning for. Some people do it for world peace, others like to debate in the Senate, or file a patent, drive a cab, teach some kids, make a cheesecake, or pitch an excellent baseball game. I like walkie-talkie sets made out of software.

It's the old Microserfs thing. Remember them?

Totally 1.0.

It's still on my To-Do list.

Automatic XML-RPC? Permanent link to 'Automatic XML-RPC?' in archives.

Chris Melville: "Is there any automated way to take the IDL files I already have for the server (still written in C, IDL processed by Microsoft's MIDL.EXE) and generate XML-RPC definitions. I've got hundreds of interfaces in dozens of IDL files."

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