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scriptingNews outline for 1/19/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:1/19/2001; 8:02:58 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 1/19/2001
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The BBC reviews EditThisPage, Free-Conversant and WikiWeb. Nice!

This morning a reader asked me to define "michegas" and I told him to use Google. I just tried the search myself, and found that I pretty much own the word. Sometimes Google makes me giggle.

Good morning. What to do today? Something interesting I hope. Meetings and michegas. I hope to port WhoIs to the desktop. That should be interesting.

In a bookstore today I bought copies of Wired, Red Herring and Business 2.0. These magazines have gotten very very thin.

David Adams on filters. "Filters are a very bad idea for several reasons. For one, they don't work!" I agree. Scripting News is blocked by some of the filters. Hmm. Weird. This means you can't read Scripting News in airport lounges, I've heard. Does that make sense?

Backup Brain: "So then, why doesn't he ever link to us?"

Brent: "Don't hide bugs -- find 'em, grind 'em up, sprinkle them on your eggs, eat 'em for breakfast. You're a programmer."

Yesterday I got a lot of requests from people wanting to be in the loop on our Desktop Website project. We have a new build of Radio in testing right now. Hopefully later today it will be available to download. But we want to do a corner-turn on the desktop websites project before releasing it. Doing the corner-turn would be quite a bit more difficult with more users. I wish we had already done it, but things are going slowly. I'll keep you updated here. Please keep the enthusiasm, and I'm sorry we're not quite ready yet.

Adam keeps plopping cool stuff into my enclosures folder. This morning I watched a short movie called The Battle of the Sexes. A guy is wanting to take a sexy babe home with him. She smiles innocently and excuses herself. "I'm going to the ladies room," she coos. He smiles. She smiles. The camera follows her into the bathroom, where all hell breaks loose.

John VanDyk: "But you must be able to think!" Amen.

Pushback from Mac users. I was browsing around the Web last night with my new fast Weblogs.Com interface, re-programming my favorites in the new environment, and came across a couple of sites that were trashing me on a personal level for my opinions about Mac OS X. Since I gave up TV, I find it's easier to give up other things, like getting embroiled on a personal level with someone just because they say nasty stuff about me. I know I'm not stupid. If these people still think, after reading my site for years, and using my software, that I'm stupid, that's their problem not mine.

BTW, it's going to be tough not having a TV tomorrow when the US government flips over. I'll probably watch it on the Web somehow.

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