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scriptingNews outline for 1/20/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:1/20/2001; 5:19:31 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 1/20/2001
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In celebration of today's inauguration, after hearing all those great patriotic songs, America the Beautiful, even The Star Spangled Banner made my eyes mist up. It made my choice of Grateful Dead song of the night realllly easy. Here are the lyrics. Click on the audio icon to the left to give it a listen. "Red and white, blue suede shoes, I'm Uncle Sam, how do you do?" It's a different kind of patriotic music, but man I love my country and I love Jerry and the band. I truly do!

InternetWorld: "[Alta Vista owns] 38 patents, many of which we think are fundamental in the search area. They were the first to spider and index the Web. And Digital did a good job of recognizing the potential value of that intellectual property. And they were very thorough in filing broad and deep and narrow patents. And we have another 30 patents that are in application. So we believe that virtually everyone out there who indexes the Web is in violation of at least several of those key patents."

"Son of a gun, better change your act."

NY Times: Five Years on the Web. "The site looks quite a bit different than it did in five years ago, but its aspirations are largely the same: to be the best news and information site on the Internet."

Yup it was another kickass speech, and a real tear-jerker, all that music, the songs we sang in grade school. What memories it pulls to the surface. Whoooaa. Now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

The White House Website rolled over, nice simple design.

"I'm Uncle Sam, that's who I am; Been hidin' out in a rock and roll band."

Heard on NPR. Senators who attend an inauguration bare-headed want to be President.

AP: Clinton Pardons More Than 100. Including Susan MacDougal, his brother Roger Clinton, and former CIA Director John Deutch. The full list is on the Washington Post site.

Scary thought. We really depend on eGroups/Yahoo. They take care of a nasty job and do it really well. We pay them nothing. At some point we're either going to have to pay or lose the data we're accumulating. The responsible thing is to work with them to figure out how to make it work financially.

If you think it can't go away, you don't live in California, or you're not paying attention. The electricity situation, like a chapter out of Atlas Shrugged, is pretty dire. They're talking about 12-hour rolling blackouts by summer. Think about how that might effect your life even if you don't live in California.

"Summertime, come and gone, my oh my."

Bill Clinton: "I tried to walk a line between acting lawfully and testifying falsely,'' but "I now recognize that I did not fully accomplish this goal."

Salon: "Thanks, President Clinton! Your lying and philandering turned the country over to George W. Bush."

NY Times: Text messaging is a blizzard that could snarl Manila. "Filipinos punch out electronic messages on their mobile phones because it is much cheaper than calling. This week, an invisible blizzard of messages summoning people to join demonstrations against Mr. Estrada has fluttered across Manila like propaganda leaflets scattered from airplanes."

O'Reilly: The Power of Metadata.

They make some good points. We don't need different protocols and formats for all different media types. But we sure don't need RDF and Dublin Core. We do need tools.

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