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scriptingNews outline for 1/22/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:1/22/2001; 8:19:34 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 1/22/2001
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Atomz.Com: "The key to the Atomz Publish system is its patent-pending templating system, which allows Web designers to clearly separate Web content from site design, and then give access to non-technical users of the Web site so that they can edit the content themselves." It must be a joke.

I did a mini-prior-art search on my own websites. The first templating system I did was in 1994. In early 1995 AutoWeb did not do templates. Now I'm going to check Clay Basket (also in 1995, I think).

Clay Basket: "Templates for page layout give the designer total control over the appearance of each page. Text editing is easy for writers." That was October 1995. In spring 1996 we started on Frontier's website framework, which is still supported. (It's at the core of Manila.)

Tonight's song: Weather Report Suite. "Winter rain, now tell me why, summers fade, and roses die? The answer came. The wind and rain."

Reminder, it's a channel with payloads.

I'm Uncle Sam.

That's who I am.

Been hiding out..

In a rock and roll band!


ZopeNewbies: "It looks like the big boys are starting to use XMLRPC. Last night I installed RedHat 7. This morning, while mucking about the config files, I came across the one for RedHat's new auto-update tool. It queries a server at RedHat for a list of new updates available for your box, and you choose whether or not to install the updates. Anyway, it looks like that new service relies upon XMLRPC."

Dave Warner: "Re Red Hat's implementation, I checked it out as part of the research for my last article. The client portion looks fine, in line with your spec. The only enhancement I saw was the addition of SSL capabilities." Fan-tas-tic!

Jeff Barr started a Manila site to highlight XML newsfeeds he discovers. Good idea. Discovery can be overwhelming. Too many channels, it can be hard to find the good ones. We need curators and critics, people who appreciate a good channel. Let's also learn what makes a channel good. What's your favorite and why? As the tools get better we'll be asking these kinds of questions.

AP: Tommy Agee dead at 58. Ouch.

NY Times: Texas escapees arrested in Colorado.

Katherine Harris attended the Florida inauguration ball on Saturday night.

ZDNet: IBM Touts Napster-proof Music Locks.

P2P2P2P2P.. Permanent link to 'P2P2P2P2P..' in archives.

It's official. I'm starting another craze. P2P isn't enough. We need more P's. You and me and him and her and them and everyone else. Of course if you have more P's you need more 2's.

A serious political question Permanent link to 'A serious political question' in archives.

OK, Bush is cutting aid to family planning overseas. He's also proposing a tax cut. So why can't we take the money we'll get in the tax cut and spend it on family planning overseas? Just curious where the leverage is in having the government spend the money for us.

BTW, in case I haven't said it before clearly enough I am strongly pro-choice. I think there are far too many people on the planet already, and if people want to have fewer children I totally support that. However, the moral issue is real. I hate the idea of killing unborn children. I don't see where the line is though. But I also think that fewer children is much better than more children. Not that I don't like children. Oy see the circle?

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