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scriptingNews outline for 1/23/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:1/23/2001; 1:03:28 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 1/23/2001
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WebReference: Hiermenus Go Forth. "What seemed stable and solid several weeks ago, now looks more like a beta than anything else. Thanks to the largest Quality Assurance department in the world (you) we have discovered and fixed quite a few problems."

Reuters: "In an apparent prank carried out by departing Clinton administration staffers, Bush aides discovered that dozens of computer keyboards were missing the W key."

The wind and rain Permanent link to 'The wind and rain' in archives.

It's a beautiful stormy day in California.

I'm listening to last night's song, one more time, while preparing to choose tonight's

"Golden hills, now veiled in grey. Summer leaves have blown away. Now what remains? The wind and rain."

You win again Permanent link to 'You win again' in archives.

The news is out, all over town..

You've been seen, out runnin round.

The lyrics are here, short and sweet.

You win again!

A new hotlist Permanent link to 'A new hotlist' in archives.

A new feature came online tonight in our Desktop Website project. Like every community there's the ranking thing, the place you want to be. Who's on top and who's the rising star? Our little den of RSS lovers is no exception. "Black dirt live again!"

Interesting thing about the hotlist, it recalcs every hour and is a function of who's logged in. (A login lasts 25 hours.) This morning I looked at it and my number had decreased from 11 to 7. Still tied for number one.

BTW, we're going to release the source code for the cloud when it settles down so that all different kinds of communities can develop. It's all XML and XML-RPC/SOAP. I know of one developer working in Zope to parallel our development, and of course we welcome this.

I can also see which categories of mine people have subscribed to. A lot of people have subscribed to Scripting and Frontier, but I rarely route stories to these channels. It's as if there's a small audience waiting. So I just routed something to Scripting, and am going to create some things to route to Frontier. Feedback in the form of a hotlist really helps.

Another example of that is the Referers page for the XML-RPC site. As news of Eric Kidd's work spreads, the XML-RPC site is getting linked into more developer sites. And it distributes the flow to the implementors and they in turn point back to us. This is the Web doing its work, telling developers about good stuff they can use and in return encourages us to create more good stuff.

Anyway, if the hotlist is such a good idea, then an Updates page can't be far behind, right? Well, in the next level, the Updates page is much hotter. You don't get a list of sites that changed, you get the bits from the sites, delivered into your template along with items from MacNN, The NY Times (we got it working!) and Salon, Herring, Wired and Fool, and a bunch of others. It's kind of a mix of chat, the Web, and mail lists.

Who was it who said "Everything on the Internet is just like something else. Or if it's any good it's just like everything else."


Redesigns Permanent link to 'Redesigns' in archives.

A redesign at News.Com. As much as I like the design, I'd really like to see CNET support "RSS". Then their stories could show up when I'm reading and routing stories from other popular Internet news sources.

"Reading and routing" ..and 'rithmetic?

On the other hand, the ZDNet redesign is a disaster. Did they test it with MSIE 5.5/Win?

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