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scriptingNews outline for 1/27/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:1/27/2001; 7:10:08 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 1/27/2001
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Hey Protozilla is cooool! "Protozilla enables Mozilla to execute any CGI program on the local disk directly, without passing it through an HTTP server." Interesting?

Joel Spolsky: Daily Builds are Your Friend.

To Eric Kidd: "It seems like you're looking for cool sexy projects to do with XML-RPC that take advantage of the performance you can get from writing a server in C."

Davos: "In the Congress Centre, there was very, very little awareness of the protests."

Dan Gillmor has comments on the Davos protests as well.

Kevin Drennan started a Grateful Dead Weblog. Hey it's cool, he even has a directory. A Frontier 7 feature.

This is a very strange picture. At 1AM last night Robert Scoble called Steve Wozniak to tell him about his Manila blog. Wozcam picked up a picture of Steve using Robert's site. And of course Robert being the born-blogger that he is, put the pic on his site.

Here's a new bit of data. Scoble has a webcam too.

As we move towards Frontier 7, Brent is adding notes to the Frontier News site.

Perhaps I should rename this site Dead-Newbies. I have so much to learn about the Grateful Dead. I never had a copy of Blues for Allah, and therefore never had a copy of Crazy Fingers, which I just love. It must have gotten a little bit of radio play because it's familiar. It's tonight's song for sure. BTW, is available. Did you ever see the movie Beetlejuice? They have a book called something like Handbook for the Recently Deceased. That would be the Dead-Newbies of course. ";->"

Zeldman: "Like Mafia members, we love our families, but long for the company of other wiseguys."

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