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scriptingNews outline for 1/29/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:1/29/2001; 7:24:10 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 1/29/2001
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Andrew Wooldridge: "Betty I could kiss you!"

Not surprisingly, Microsoft already has something similar to Protozilla.

Davos & Peace Permanent link to 'Davos & Peace' in archives.

Davos: "Arafat's speech was unquestionably the death knell for the Labour party's chances in the upcoming elections, and a probable coda to Peres's own political career."

Reading Lance's piece I get a glimpse of how much things have changed in the Middle East in the last year. At Davos 2000, King Abdullah of Jordan said that peace is something we must have in our generation. Shimon Peres said "Peace is hard work." To see it unravel in such a short period is disheartening.

Microsoft & P2P Permanent link to 'Microsoft & P2P' in archives.

This afternoon I'm flying to Seattle to participate in an all-day design preview at Microsoft for P2P technology. These meetings of high-tech CTOs are like mini-Davoses, Microsoft always gets interesting groups of people together, and the offline talks are every bit as interesting as the on-stage talks. The meeting itself is on background, so I won't be able to talk about what takes place there, without permission from Microsoft.

Our work in P2P is wide-open and available to be talked about, or implemented, by anyone. The most concise statement of our plan is in a letter to Eric Kidd, posted this weekend. It describes a cloud that connects authors and users with resources via XML-RPC (or SOAP or http-post). Given the rate of development in the XML-RPC-in-C world, I would not be tremendously surprised if this software was deployed before the end of the week. Lurking just over the horizon is the P2P conference in mid-February which everyone, ourselves included, is getting ready for.

Final look for Radio Permanent link to 'Final look for Radio' in archives.

Over the weekend we finalized the top-level user interface for the first "real" release of Radio UserLand.

To mark the occasion, here's a screen shot.

Yes there will still be little tweaks and fixes, and we've yet to produce a build that has this functionality baked in, but we should make it in time for the P2P conference.

Lots more to say, of course. ";->"

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