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scriptingNews outline for 2/9/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:2/9/2001; 7:46:14 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 2/9/2001
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Zeldman: "[Netscape 6 is] like a brilliant, drunken writer who spouts deathless poetry one moment, dirty doggerel the next. In our opinion, those who dismiss this browser are wrong; those who complain about its quirks are right. Keep watching."

I spoke this morning with a Rights and Contracts manager at the New York Times, and she asked us to stop reading their XML newsfeeds, as described on this page. We have complied with their request.

I make a guest appearance today on Evhead. I think he should come clean, throw caution to the wind and tell us what's going on. But of course I'm not living his life, so.. ";->"

Downloading your Manila site got easier and gentler on our servers.

WebTools: Creating an RSS Channel. "By any name, RSS means really simple syndication."

Washington Post: "'If you can patent a sales pitch or lines of software code -- both of which embody specific business functions but are also essentially speech -- what's to stop somebody from patenting things like legal arguments? O'Reilly sees an unsettling destination: 'As you start to go down that path, you're turning more and more of human interaction into property.'"

Glenn Fleishman's weblog is always a good read.

Why do radio and TV news reporters put heavy emphasis on the scale of currency. "Calfornia's power crisis will cost taxpayers BILLIONS of dollars this year." There seems to be no REAL sense of scale though, because sometimes they accentuate HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of dollars as if they're astonished at how much money a refrigerator or a car costs. Even NPR does this. I can understand astonishment at TRILLIONS of dollars ("The proposed tax cut is 1.7 TRILLION dollars") but Billions? Millions? Thousands? Something weird is going on here.

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