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scriptingNews outline for 2/14/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:2/14/2001; 6:48:14 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 2/14/2001
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Brent: "About a year later he hanged himself. Unlike with good King Richard, coeur de lion le premier, I can wait all I want, and he's not coming back."

I had a blast today at the P2P conf. Very smart people. There may be such a thing as P2P. Certainly a lot of cool people there. My talk went well. Not much energy left. So much schmoozing. So much left to do!

Joshua Allen makes a guest appearance on Scoble talking about Web standards. Talking with him a couple of days ago he opened my eyes by pointing out that Flash is cleaning up, and it has nothing to do with standards. They can move because they are not paralyzed. Microsoft is held up because of Netscape's lack of motion. I had never considered that point of view before.

Speaking of mind bombs, my friend Rohit Khare, CEO of KnowNow spilled the beans today at the P2P conf. So now I guess I can tell you what they do. It's very cool. But I'm too tired. Later. ";->"

Ooops, Dan Gillmor scooped me. Sheez. Oh well.

Our man in Palo Alto, Paul Andrews, covered the Windows XP rollout for the NY Times. Meanwhile, in London, Lance Knobel notes a new irreverance at Paul's part-time employer. Dan Gillmor and Mary Jo Foley were not invited to the Microsoft rollout. They must be doing something right. So must Rick Belluzzo, he's Microsoft's new President. (Belluzzo is the rightmost person in this picture.)

Red Herring: iSyndicate blames layoffs on expansion.

See y'all tonight I'm up to SF to P2P2P2P2P2P2P2P..

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