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scriptingNews outline for 2/15/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:2/15/2001; 5:20:54 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 2/15/2001
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DaveNet: Notes from the O'Reilly P2P Conference.

Want to know what happened today? Read Evhead. We should talk about Desktop Websites some more. Lots of really sweet people at the conf. This is what's left after the dotcom bust. Excellent.

One more thing. We won with Sun. Now both the major gorillas, Microsoft and Sun, are open and subject to competition. No more platform vendors. Tools and runtimes. Little guys and big ones.

Apparently Microsoft's Jim Allchin put his foot in his mouth. Doc is very unhappy about this. The Linux guys are sure to flame. OK. Next week this time who will care?

I got an email from Microsoft PR saying that both Mary Jo Foley and Dan Gillmor were invited to the Windows XP rollout. My fault for not checking. Sorry.

AP: Injunction overturned in Amazon case. "A federal appeals court overturned a lower court ruling that barred bookseller Barnes and Noble's Internet store from using's single-click checkout technology, pending a trial."

An email from Craig McCosker about ABC's weblog for election coverage in Australia. There's big movement in this direction, we're seeing weblogs start on the other side of the editorial firewall. I'm sure we'll talk about this today at the P2P conference.

Yesterday Dan Gillmor told me that Knight-Ridder, his employer, is doing their own weblog software, and soon Dan's eJournal will move over there. We saw this coming through tea-leave reading, and it's fine with us. We like working with Dan, and I'm sure we'll keep doing more of that. (Even if he does scoop me!) We're a software and publishing company, and proud that Dan got his start in blogging using our stuff. He's a friend and this is the way the Web works. We lose nothing by having him use other software. What we want is his free unfettered timely point of view. Once you start a weblog, that's it, you're on our side, no matter what software you use.

And to the engineers working on Dan's new software, please support "RSS". It's important.

To the people in the "xml-rpc" community -- be proud, very proud. Our work is really catching on. I had a dozen great conversations yesterday with developers embracing XML-RPC wholesale, building their P2P apps on it. I talked with people from the Jabber community about merging. We agreed it's a no-brainer. I met an XML guy from Netscape. Talked with Johnny Deep from Aimster. Everyone seems to agree -- it's time for interop.

I had another nice talk with Tim O'Reilly and Peter Wiggin also of O'Reilly. It's time again to get some more interop there too, imho.

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