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scriptingNews outline for 3/13/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:3/13/2001; 7:09:22 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 3/13/2001
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2 DaveNets: You can't beat Murphy, Which Way Internet?

Amazing news. As Eazel rolls out Nautilus, they also lay off more than half their staff. Things are changing quickly in Silicon Valley.

Bruce Perens: "Fortunately, unlike most software businesses, if Eazel doesn't make it, their software will go on." Dig in and see the reality. Ask around, most open source leaders say that you do most of the work yourself. It might be hard to find programmers to work on Nautilus, as it was hard to find programmers to work on Mozilla.

It's not hard to find programmers to work on Radio, though. This evening I added a feature for our friends the bloggers, making sure that it's easy for people to credit their sources. This should emit a loud sigh of relief in Radio UserLand and perhaps elsewhere. The Supremes are singing You can't hurry love, no you'll just have to wait. We're figuring this stuff out in real-time, as always. ";->"

I got an email from another developer working on XML-RPC in .NET. Right on right on.

This is very interesting. There are more and more Manila sites created by .NET developers. Here's another one. They're all interesting. I wonder if they know that every Manila site has a SOAP interface and therefore can be controlled by .NET? How do you do glue for .NET? Our WSDL file is in limbo right now, waiting for Jake to make some changes. How do we bootstrap this??

On SlashDot, Matt Evans says he can explain .NET. He says it's Microsoft's next platform, after Windows.

InfoWorld: Microsoft to unveil .NET software for non-Microsoft platforms. "Do we have a way for people who host Web sites on Linux to build on [.NET]? Yes we do. That's not to say our overall strategy is not to get those Web sites over to Windows, but we will provide a way for those Linux servers to use .NET," Ballmer said.

It's time that UserLand had a directory. Ever since we've had more than one site I've always wanted to have a structure that all our sites are linked into.

BTW, Radio is my directory editing tool.

Dan Gillmor says that Eazel's Nautilus is as much about Web services as it is about UI. So much hype and replay. Most (all?) of these features are already in Mac and Windows. Maybe it's doing something neat with printing. RSS in web pages? That's old news Dan. What does it do that's new?

Scoble: "No boss. No HTML gurus. No editors. No gatekeepers."

Glenn Fleishmann: "A study recently showed real evidence that the less competent someone is, the more competent they think they are."

I found an ancient loop in my life today. When I was 3.5 years old, my brother Peter was born. According to family legend my first thought expressed about brother was quite selfish. "Why did you bring him here?" I am supposed to have asked. Ever since I've been there (where ever) first, and pissed off when someone else comes along and gets all the credit and has all the fun. Of course this is just my movie, no one else sees it this way. But it is a repeating loop in my life. Totally.

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