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scriptingNews outline for 3/17/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:3/17/2001; 8:39:43 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 3/17/2001
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Got $6.1 million? You could buy Salon.

Interesting. Apple bought a company that makes software for teachers.

Andreas Bolka may have found a glitch in the XML-RPC spec.

Tim Bray: TAXI to the Future.

Talking with Paul Andrews today, we came up with a new term for what we do here. Micro-publishing. Of course this is not the first use of the term.

It doesn't look like Microsoft got HailStorm.Net, HailStorm.Com or HailStorm.Org.

Robb Beal: "Man, it felt like the 6 and 11 PM local news didn't run or they decided not to print the NYTimes for a day. I've been a reader for six years."

Doc: "If a child were born in this room right now, its Indian name would be Place Where Nothing Works."

The Register: "Verio's sweeping acceptable-use policy prohibits open relays. When Gilmore refused to put fetters on his mail server, the company's security department slapped a filter on Gilmore's T1 net connection Wednesday, blocking outgoing e-mail from his network."

Paul Andrews: "I remember when my daughter told me excitedly about a new program called Napster. Yeah, yeah, I thought. Then I tried it. After that it was months before I could persuade editors of its significance."

Glenn Fleishman: "I've installed Radio UserLand and I'm already blown away. I feel like I've entered an entirely new world. This is akin to running Mozilla back in April 1994. Wow. For me, being speechless is an odd condition."

What to do when one angry user dominates a mail list for a product that you love? This is one of life's great mysteries.

Glenn has an instant response to the question above.

1/4/95: "By the way, the person with the big problem is probably a competitor."

Early morning notes on non-disclosures.

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