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scriptingNews outline for 3/20/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:3/20/2001; 7:38:28 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 3/20/2001
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DaveNet: We Were Shocked.

Heads up, later this evening Jake will release a Radio tool that exports a Manila site to a folder of XML files on your desktop computer. It's kind of the inverse of HailStorm, instead of the data moving to the cloud it moves to the desktop. From there, you can write software that converts it to other formats. One of my new friends at Microsoft, Keith Ballinger, suggested moving to eBooks. You could write a script that downloads a Manila site every night and builds an eBook and uploads it. Radio has all of Frontier's XML tools, and lots of sample code (look in myUserLand.root). Anyway I look forward to pointing to Jake's download page later tonight.

Tony Hong has a list of SOAP 1.1 interop issues.

Well, it was a short-lived if idealistic idea that Interopathon could work. The flames started almost immediately. The issue of course is whether the process will revolve around Microsoft. I insisted that it must not. It's not so easy to get people to give up their cherished beliefs, and I felt my acting as Designated Hardass of SOAP 1.1 Interop was getting in the way of interop, so I passed the baton to Glen Daniels of Allaire, who in turn may pass it to anyone he feels can lead the SOAP 1.1 community to interop. I'm staying on the list, as a participant in the discussion, and UserLand will happily participate in any process designed to create fair interop for SOAP, quickly. Back to my other duties.

David Talbott: Announcing Salon Premium.

One more HailStorm comment. On the feedback form they asked what they could do to make HailStorm more successful. I said "Lighten up on the World Domination thing."

Another comment. There are a bunch of good ideas in HailStorm, and one very bad one. It's not open, it's not a level playing field. I ask the Internet what it wants to do and here's what I hear. "Design a spec for myHailStormServer, and make it run on inexpensive hardware. Make it lightweight and open and subject to competition. Bring it to AOL, Visa and MasterCard and the US DOJ. Take Microsoft to court and force (yes, that's clearly required) them to offer the user choice in Windows XP. We must not allow a repeat of the outcome of the Browser Wars here," the Internet said to me.

Josh Allen (from Microsoft): "Too much testosterone. Why not just use the stuff? Oh wait, it's from Microsoft so it must be evil."

Paul Andrews: "I'd favor cooling the rhetoric and letting Microsoft show us what they've got. Remember, this whole enchilada started as Next Generation Windows Services 18 months ago, and so far what has Microsoft actually got on the table? Time to ante up, guys." Andrews used to cover MS for the Seattle Times.

Today will be a lite day on Scripting News. Lots to catch up on and I'm giving a talk in SF at Deborah Branscum's Buzz conference this afternoon. We'll be back swinging (Murphy-willing of course) tomorrow.

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