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scriptingNews outline for 3/21/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:3/21/2001; 6:46:47 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 3/21/2001
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Good morning XML fans!

I had a great time at the Buzz conference in SF. I met Glenn Fleishman for the first time, talked with Paul Andrews, Jakob Neilsen, and was on a great panel lead by Deborah Branscum. Dan Gillmor was there earlier in the day. Most of the conferences I go to are almost all male. It was nice to see so much feminine energy. Deborah and I have quite an act, like the old Jane Curtain and Dan Ackroyd "ignorant slut" routine in the early days of Saturday Night Live. Lots more stuff to do and talk about for sure.

After reviewing Jake's "folder of XML files" project, I want to make some tweaks, so we'll hold it until later today. The project is complete now, it appears, but I want to make a few changes to the XML so it will be more easily parsed by other scripting tools.

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