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scriptingNews outline for 3/24/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:3/24/2001; 5:56:04 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 3/24/2001
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In StarTrek: The Next Generation, the Enterprise got a new feature, they could separate the ship into two parts. This experiment is like that. XML-RPC is and always will be a creature of HTTP. But what about the payload format, could it be transported through other protocols? Of course it can. So today I boldly went where no one has gone before and started doing RPC across SMTP.

Mac OS X buzz. Wes is caught, but Robb Beale hits paydirt. Young Aaron has a tip for Wes, who's praise is widely sung.

In the meantime Our Man Jake has a mind bomb of his own, and Simon Fell seems to like it.

Forbes: Microsoft's War of Attrition. "Cash is king once more, and Microsoft wields $27 billion of it. Talent is fleeing back to Redmond. The once uppity Yahoo! goes begging for white knight. Sweetest of all, those loudmouths Larry Ellison and McNealy have been gagged for a season."

J David Eisenberg wrote a tutorial on SVG.

The first in a continuing series: Dave's SOAP Journal, part 1.

I just had a long phone conversation with Keith Ballinger of Microsoft on SOAP interop. He agreed that WSDL will not be part of interop for SOAP 1.1, and that we will not ask for or use WSDL in any way as part of the interop tests. We will use English docs and examples, in the way UserLand's validator does. He says that Microsoft's SOAP implementations all do RPC. He agrees that RPC will be the basis for validation. This is good. On the other hand, if it requires agreement with a representative of Microsoft to decide what interop means, then SOAP is not an Internet standard, it's a way to interop with Microsoft. To my fellow developers, please let's work together. It's the only way our work will be meaningful, imho. In the Interopathon plan, I called for a lot of things we seem to agree on. Public servers, hierarchic pairing of developers to create interop, and a conclusion to the process where we can say definitively that we all interop. Even though I withdrew as the Designated Hardass of that project, the plan remains and can be used, in part or in whole.

David Singer: "Well, it's spring, and I'm in Paris."

Pat Thoyts: SOAP for Tcl.

David Brown compares Frontier and Zope.

David also comments on my SOAP Journal. He used to work at Microsoft, many moons ago.

Jonothon Delacour is having trouble FTPing. (Success.)

Christoph Pingel sends a pointer to a German site that shares information between educators about Nazis and the Holocaust. It's a Frontier site using Manila and what Pingel calls "table magic" to get data from Filemaker into Manila.

Rael Dornfest: "I trust my bank an awful lot with my money. knows at least a subset of what I like to read. Birkenstock knows my shoe size. Southwest Airlines knows when I'll next be in the Bay Area. And never the twain shall meet."

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