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scriptingNews outline for 3/26/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:3/26/2001; 6:16:40 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 3/26/2001
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DaveNet: What is Hailstorm?

SF Chronicle: "Dry cleaning is a killer app for the last-mile solution.." O days of yore.

I installed MSIE/6 beta preview. Wish me luck.

Today's slideshow is for The Birthday Boy. Mazel Tov!

Kara Swisher: "..unleashing a hail storm on rivals is the wrong way to operate in a tech world already in the middle of a typhoon. Calmness is needed. After the clouds are gone, the landscape will be ripe for planting."

John Dvorak: "Years ago Bill Gates said that he wanted to turn Microsoft into the IBM of software companies. At the time IBM was an incredibly boring company. I guess being boring was the target and it looks like Gates got his wish."

Upside: Is Mac OS X half-baked?

News.Com: "Novell's outgoing chief executive Eric Schmidt said Monday that he has invested an undisclosed sum in Web search engine Google and signed up for a part-time gig as chairman of the up-and-coming company."

12/24/95: White Boy Welfare. "They move into something that's hot, and make it cold. They put out fires. They do this, and then they get another job, and put out another fire."

Evan Williams: Killer Web App, Alias Manager.

Oy times are getting tough. Salon is now worth $3.1 million.

Doc is selling his house in Woodside: "Looking for a dramatic contemporary with decks off every room, walls of glass and spectalular views of the whole Bay Area from high in Emerald Hills, only 20 minutes from SFO? Lemme know."

Richard Stanford: "We were originally planning to do a SOAP implementation of our API, but keeping up with the various complexities was more frustrating than I would have thought possible. Even working in a 3rd party SOAP implementation layer was beginning to get more complicated than rolling our own XML-RPC one!" Uh huh.

I added a Why It's Cool section to the docs on betty.smtp.

If you're interested in SOAP interop, there is a mail list you must be on. We may have an easy way for XML-RPC implementations to be part of the SOAP interop process. The whole thing is kind of a mess, with BigCo's having private meetings and paying huge money for marketing events. The important thing is to get interop and then if we want to honk the horn, slap each other on the back, and drink a beer that would be fantastic. But first let's get a spirit of cooperative development and teamwork. The beers will happen of their own accord when the time is right.

Well even the Enterprise wasn't the first space ship (actually it's a fictitious space ship). Lots of pushback, most of it respectful, some not (got it, ouch). Simon Fell and others say they've sent SOAP messages via SMTP and Eric Soroos did it with Frontier last year. Eric has blazed many trails in our land, and for that he has my respect and gratitude. Thanks Eric!

From the It's Even Worse Than It Appears Department, I got the part about the NG Enterprise being the first version that could be split in two, wrong. John Foster writes to say that the original one could split in two too. They just never exercised the power. It wasn't until Picard that they did the deed. Oh well. Zero for two. Whatever. Make it so. Beam me up.

Davos: "There was a popular myth current in certain circles last autumn: it didn't make a difference whether George W Bush or Al Gore became president, since both of them were centrist politicians with few important differences. The barrenness of this logic is being exposed on an almost daily basis."

"james kirk"

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