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scriptingNews outline for 4/4/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:4/4/2001; 5:54:56 PM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 4/4/2001
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DaveNet: A Busy Developer's Guide to SOAP 1.1.

Today is the third birthday of "XML-RPC". Excellent interop. Frozen. Lots of happy developers.

Joshua Allen: "A few years ago, when it became clear that XSD spec would drag on for a couple of years and be very complex, Microsoft (and Andrew Layman) decided to make a simple subset called XDR, that we could use for interoperability while waiting for XSD to be finished, and that would also be completely compatible with XSD when it finally was finished. Still to this day I have customers who tell me that a Microsoft competitor told them that 'Microsoft doesn't support XSD, they made up their own incompatible schema language.' And the standards bigots flamed away about XDR."

Interesting. I didn't know that. Some standards are rock solid, and for those, I am definitely a standards defender. XML and HTTP are two solid standards. SOAP 1.1 needs the shakeout we've been doing. Look at the archives of the soapbuilders list. Anyway, I don't mind taking the heat, as long as we continue to run the interop tests, then it'll be safe for developers to do the "BDG" functionality, just forward the nasty emails to me.

In an interview today I compared SOAP to the NYC subway system, specifically Queens Borough Plaza. The cool thing about QBP is that you can switch from the IRT to the BMT there, cutting a corner off a trip to the Bronx from Flushing. Originally there were three subway systems in NY, but sometime before I came online (ie before I was born) they got their interop act together so you could freely switch from one line to the other, combining features of two or three lines to create your own customized trip. I imagine that they had a mail list for their interop work, like the soapbuilders list, where the BMT guys thought the IRT guys were a bunch of bozos, but they had to work with them anyway; and the IND guys were worried about getting stuffed into the trunk.

The editor of soapbox, which I admire, posted a newbie intro to Radio as a weblog tool. Gotta love it.

Garage.Com: "Act I of the Internet may have been mostly cute—Google and Yahoo and sock puppets, disrupting mostly late investors. But if history repeats itself, Act II will be a vicious killer of established brands."

We're doing customer profiles of people using Frontier, Manila or Radio in a business context. If you have an interesting story, please send us an email at Thanks.

John VanDyk reviews Mac OS X.

WSJ: Peer-to-peer party comes to a halt. "We clearly rode the p-to-p wave, but the sooner we move the conversation beyond the technology, the better."

Long before Sun rolls out JXTA, peer-to-peer is a fading memory. There was enough juice to keep the idea alive until the O'Reilly conf, great party, now it's over.

XML Magazine: Peering into the future.

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