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scriptingNews outline for 4/5/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:4/5/2001; 7:22:14 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 4/5/2001
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DaveNet: Call it a shakeout?

Chris Kwak, an analyst at Bear Stearns asks "Is decentralization over too?" Oy. Sorry for introducing confusion. No of course not. It's the opportunism that's over.

In case you want a new meme, I have one ready.

Jake hits paydirt. Interop with MS .NET beta2.

Wired: The Hot New Medium is Paper. Really?

Soapbox: "I hope you enjoy my rambling about this." Yes!

A little evangelism of OPML on the soapbuilders list.

I added structure to the Communities section of the SoapWare directory.

Register: Napster downloads rocket. "Napster usage is on the increase again after its post-filter dip, online entertainment market watcher Webnoize has reported."

Planet RDF: "Adobe is introducing a new metadata architecture to PDF, one based on an RDF-compliant DTD. Metadata can be attached both at the document and object level, and the DTD can be extended, opening up interesting possibilities for defining and embedding metadata other than the basic set supported in Acrobat 5."

WSJ on Microsoft's acquisition of Great Plains.

ThoughtLog: "Microsoft: Please crush them already. Thank you."

Again, I'd like to see a transition off Yahoo Groups. I think it's totally imprudent of us to build these fantastic communities, and rich archives, with no way of knowing that they will be accessible a year from now. They must be, we must make sure of that. I imagine that Yahoo has no knowledge that their service is being used to plan the next layer of the Internet. Operating that service has got to be profitable, we must make sure of that.

Larry Wall: "Many of you know what happens when the size of your Perl process exceeds the size of your physical memory you start thrashing."

Can you believe someone whined at me about the bit last night about the NY subway. Hey, I'm not responsible for the tunnels that connect the subway lines in NY. I live 3000 miles away. They were built before I was born. I don't want to invalidate anyone's feeling of disempowerment, but there's a router error if you think I'm the Dept of Complaints for the NYC subway system. However, when I rode the subway last October I couldn't help noticing how much cleaner everything is. I watched a guy wash down one of the tunnels with a high power water hose. I asked how often he does it. "Every night," he said. Now that's a change for the better!

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