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scriptingNews outline for 4/19/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:4/19/2001; 6:35:54 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 4/19/2001
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DaveNet: A challenging time for the pros.

Craig Burton tutorial: Managing Your Radio Weblog.

Reuters: Be mulls merger, sale. "While there is no specific timeframe, our goal is to conclude a transaction as expeditiously as possible,'' Chief Executive Jean-Louis Gassee said in a statement.

Bob Dylan: "Maggie comes fleet-foot face full of black soot."

Brent: "Welcome to space."

As you might imagine, I've been getting emails and calls from all kinds of journalists working for big pubs and TV and radio programs, wanting to talk about Microsoft. I tell them that I like working with Microsoft, have had a relationship with them for 20 years, they're now a BigCo, and behave like one, we've had ups and downs, that unlike other BigCo's they tend not to hold grudges, and the Times didn't tell the real story. They go away. Conclusion, if there are any reporters trying to do balanced stories on Microsoft, they aren't calling me.

Actually I filed this bug report in April 1997. "The press only knows three stories, Apple is dead, Microsoft is evil, and Java is the future."

Joshua Allen verifies that Radio works on Windows XP.

xmlhack: SOAP::Lite adds XML-RPC support. Perl.

Doc is becoming a Radio user. This is so cool I can't tell you.

What is K10K.Net?

Another word that's lost a lot of meaning is amateur. I use the word to distinguish between those who practice an art professionally (it's how they make their living) and people who do it without compensation. Olympic atheletes used to be amateurs. College basketball players are amateurs (although this is a much-discussed topic).

Tucker Goodrich: "Originally an amateur was someone who did something for love, rather than for money. The root is the Latin amare, 'to love'. How 'amateur' ever became a term of disparagement I can only guess: is must have been the professionals propagandizing against the amateurs, to improve the professional's fees."

A bigger picture. A friend's mother is dying of cancer. In her last days. Then his father dies. Mom is still at death's door. Reminder. Enjoy life now.

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