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scriptingNews outline for 4/21/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:4/21/2001; 6:15:37 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 4/21/2001
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DaveNet: Quoting Dead Presidents.

I'm talking SOAP and Mac with Paul Snively on Wes's DG.

Paul also corrects an attribution in today's DaveNet. "Johnson was quoting the Bible."

Craig Burton tutorial: Taming the Radio Outliner.

Rafe Needleman: "I had an interesting conversation with Dave Winer, author of the influential technology column DaveNet."

One reason we need BigPubs, they keep our archives. For example, LBJ was Time Person of the Year in 1964. "Always mindful of the presidency's great power, Johnson put into effect a new relationship with the other 'co- equal' branches of Government, this achieving the truest partnership with Congress -- in the checks-and-balances sense envisaged by the Constitution -- in well over a century."

Fortune's Peter H Lewis: "I installed OS X on three different Macs and experienced crashes and hung systems on all of them within 30 minutes. After that things ran smoothly for the most part." They also speak for newbies.

HailStorm anew Permanent link to 'HailStorm anew' in archives.

Yesterday Cameron Barrett had interesting comments about Microsoft's HailStorm on his weblog. Doc Searls has expressed an interest in this for a column he's writing for Linux Journal. For whatever reason, I seem to have a lot of links that relate to their interest.

Jack Russo, my longtime attorney and friend, gave a talk at Stanford on April 11 about Microsoft's user agreement for Passport, which is at the core of HailStorm, according to Microsoft. Jack's talk is available in Windows Media Player format.

Another longtime friend, Fred Davis, is the CEO of Lumeria, who has been working for several years on a non-Microsoft solution to the problem that HailStorm proposes to solve. Lumeria's software is, according to Fred, who I spoke with yesterday, cloneable, there's no lock-in.

Early in April, we released a SOAP 1.1 and XML-RPC specification for a server that we hope becomes a commoditity, called xmlStorageSystem. It's the inverse of HailStorm and Lumeria, it's for public information stored in XML in a cloud, with synchronization and publish-and-subscribe notification. It's a formalization of the back-end for Radio UserLand, which we have already deployed. Glue is available for Frontier and Radio users.

Evan Williams: "We are geeks and the rest of the world is not. The truth is, there are millions (more like tens of millions) of people who wouldn't think twice about trusting Microsoft with their data (not that they'll probably even realize that's what they're doing)."

Sheila Simmons: "Many 'non-geek' people are Internet users, but still don't shop online. I think someone with more understanding of the technology that's being used to take their data is more likely to trust it and therefore use it."

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