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scriptingNews outline for 4/24/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:4/24/2001; 7:11:56 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 4/24/2001
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DaveNet: Amateurs and Prose.

An advance look at tomorrow's DaveNet.

Paul Kulchenko: Quick Start with SOAP. Perl.

Boston Globe: "Venture capital funding can be a quick way out of a job."

Philip Greenspun: From Start-Up to Bust-Up.

I just noticed something gratifying. One of my DaveNets is recommended reading for a college class. Wow. Hey I don't even have a PhD.

A week from tomorrow is my 46th birthday. Forty-six. Oy. It feels like I'm older than my father. Had lunch with Sands today. It's funny how the voice doesn't change, but he's got bushy eyebrows now, just like me and Chris Locke. I wish we were still young. Oh well, over that. Time to go for a walk. Still looking for the pleasure button.

Yet another anti-blog article, but this one is noteworthy because it's by Zeldman. It's well-written, of course. ";->"

All is green in Jake's XML-RPC matrix. Four implementations interop with ours now.

Top ten reasons to get Mac OS X. Humor.

Soapbox: My name is Marek Jastrzebski.

Doc says I'm the Goliath of scripting. I like that!

Glenn: "An amateur can walk away from their work; a professional has to quit it."

Dan Gillmor: "I lived in Kansas City for a few years in the 1980s. One of the great pleasures, if a guilty one, was eating fried chicken at a place called Stroud's, which doesn't appear to have a Website. They do have incredible chicken, and some friends and I are going tonight. I salivate just thinking of it."

Lance Knobel: "It's remarkable that, despite the overwhelming weight of scientific opinion, people who question global warming still get a hearing in respectable circles."

ZDNet: Sun prepares Jxta assault against Microsoft. This is the totally predictable ZDNet formula. A war theme. Pro-this, against-this. The real world is so much richer and more complex. I'm sure Stutz, who's a thoughtful and intelligent man, said other things about P2P and Dot-Net, but they quoted him as hurt and pissy. Rob Enderle, who I don't know, must have more intelligent things to say as well. Was InfraSearch really a hot startup? We never even saw their product. Edit out all the puffery and what is this article really saying? What's new here?

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